Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
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The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer

Title: The Grand Sophy
Author: Georgette Heyer
Genre: YA Victorian goodness.
Setting: Various parts of England.
Reason for Reading: December is my least favorite month, so I try to find a book that will make me smile and read a chapter every day.
Pages: 372
Copyright Date: 1950
Cover: A woman in an upsetting hat looks down at her dog. The pair stand in front of a tall green door. She has a basket of flowers in her hands.
First line: "The butler, recognizing her ladyship's only surviving brother at a glance, as he afterwards informed his less percipient subordinates, favoured Sir Horace with a low bow, and took it upon himself to say that my lady, although not at home to less nearly-connected persons, would be happy to see him."
Best part: Oh, the tangled, funny web we weave.
Worst part: Parts of the book struck me as racist.
Imaginary Theme Song: "Hello Dolly!" by Louis Armstrong
Grade: B+
Recommended for: Those who enjoy fictional romantic tangles with a lot of complications and silliness.
Related Reads: Cotillion by the same author. Romances under the pen name Amanda Quick are pleasingly similar, but with more explicit sex and violence.

Sophy's careless father has sent her to stay with her London cousins while he enjoys a trip to Brazil. He hopes his sister will find her a husband while he's gone. But all is not well at Berkeley Square. The father Lord Ombersley spends as much time away from home as possible. The eldest son Charles is bullying everyone in the house, and engaged to a bluestocking girl as well. The beautiful daughter Cecilia is in love with a poet. They haven't counted on Sophy, though - or her plan to set things right.
Tags: b plus, books 2009, fiction
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