Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

Peter Pan by JM Barrie

Title: Peter Pan
Author: J. M. Barrie
Genre: Children's fantasy
Setting: England and Neverland
Reason for Reading: I saw it on Project Gutenberg.
Finished In: Months. It was hard to read on-screen. I wound up getting it out of the library so I could finish it.
Pages: 140
Copyright Date: The introduction and "student guide" are copyright 2007. The book originally came out in 1911.
Cover: A fairy drinking from a teacup. A young boy in green looks on in horror, but is also holding the cup for her.
First line: "All children, except one, grow up."
Best part: This book is a classic for a reason. The language is gorgeous and it's funny and heartbreaking.
Worst part: I wanted it to have illustrations, but it seems an illustrated unabridged version is hard to find.
Imaginary Theme Song: Theme song to Finding Neverland.
Grade: A+
Recommended for: Everyone.
Related Reads: Half Magic by E. Eager.

This book was really beautiful. It's kind of amazing I've never read it before, especially since I've seen at least three movie versions of it.
Tags: books 2010, fiction, grade a
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