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Treason's Shore by Sherwood Smith

Title: Treason's Shore
Author: Sherwood Smith
Series: Inda, Book Four
Genre: Fantasy. Fantasy with pirates.
Setting: Chiefly, the mystical subcontinent of Halia. In general the setting is at a "swords and catapults" level of technology, with magic used for things like garbage disposal and sending messages over long distances.
Reason for Reading: So, so hooked on this series. Couldn't wait to find out how it turned out.
Finished In: One week. I rationed myself.
Pages: 691, including an appendix listing characters and ships.
Copyright Date: August 2009. I can hardly believe it took over three months to get this book from the library!
Cover: A figure at the prow of a boat. The prow itself is carved in the image of a snarling dragon. There is a castle in the background.
First line: "The arched window over Tdor's bed glowed with the faint blue of impending dawn."
Best part: The small moments - the intense conversation between characters, the birth scenes, the reunions.
Worst part: It ended. The ending was very well-written, but I just... didn't want it to stop.
Imaginary Theme Song: "It Ain't Over Till It's Over" by Lenny Kravitz
Grade: A-
Recommended for: Those who have read the previous installments won't be able to help reading this book. Those who haven't would be lost.
Related Reads: Inda, first book in the series, and Crown Duel by the same author.

This is a gorgeous book, one I highly recommend. A really satisfying conclusion to the epic, which I would like to eventually own all the books in.
Tags: books 2010, grade a
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