Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

sing, sing a song

Today I spent some time with my dear friend tsuj. I'm sure that by now you all already know that when we hang out, we sing. Today, I said to her, "I've been working on a new song to share. Are you interested?" "Absolutely," she said. "It's 'Gypsy Davy' by the group Cordelia's Dad, do you know them?" "Yeah!" she said, starting to get excited. "Now, I just want to give you a little context on the song," I said. "In medieval times, Spain was actually making great strides in non-animal textile development. That's going to be important for this piece." "Oh, great!" says my vegetarian friend. "I love it already!"

So I sang what I remembered of the first verse.

"The gypsy king come over the hill
defying storm and danger
it seemed to be my lot to fall
in love with the darkeyed stranger

I gave to him of the good barley bread
and he gave to me the ginger
I gave to him a better thing
all the gold from off my fingers

He has asked me to be his wife
to be his honored lady
has asked me to leave my home and kin
and follow the Gypsy Davy

So she's taken off her high-heeled shoes
all made of the Spanish pleather"

And then tsuj started laughing so hard her stomach hurt, so hard I had to laugh too, so hard I had to stop singing.
She said she could really get into the song if we can come up with a way to cut out the reference to the down feather bed as well. :)

Our other greatest hits for today were Moonshadow, Ghost, Two of a Kind, Everything Possible, and Honey Bun (the last from South Pacific, and let me tell you, no one was more surprised than me that my brain saw fit to save those lyrics for all these years). We talked about adding some Fleetwood Mac to our repetoire, maybe Silver Springs. Sometimes we sound really great, I wish more people got to hear us though I'm not sure I'm ready for open mic. :)
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