Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

boys look back.

Recently I have been feeling more interested in guys. That thing I have said a lot the past few years, about being attracted to women in general and men on a case-by-case basis? It seems to have swapped around in the past few months which is interesting. Right now boys are drawing my gaze and smelling particularly tasty.

And something I've noticed? Boys look back.

Over the past few years on occasion I've checked out girls on the street, just a quick appreciative glance. Nothing exceptional about that. But, pick a woman out of a crowd - chances are, nine times out of ten she's straight. Take that one out of ten, now - probably she has a girlfriend and is monogamous, or I'm not her type, or she assumes I'm straight, or she's having a bad day... what it comes down to is that women do not typically look back unless you are at the Dyke March or a women's play party or something.

The past few months, though, my idle desires have brought me to gaze in a friendly fashion upon men, and well, they look back. Usually just a return look and a smile, sometimes a nod or an eyebrow to go along with that. I don't imagine I would approach anyone on the street like that - but it's flattering to get some attention back.
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