Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

book returns

Today I am returning five books to the library that I have only read part of. That makes me very sad. This is a sign of unwellness for me.

Anyway, the books are:

_Memories, Dreams, Reflection_ by Jung (a suggestion by gato_preto, and it's great but dense)
_Fool_ by Christopher Moore (weird juxtaposition of the serious and absurd)
_Fire Watch_ by Connie Willis (short stories - two of them I didn't like and that slowed me down)
_The Luxe_ by Anna Godbersen (this should be a short fluffy read, don't know why it's not)
_Beyond the Deepwoods_ by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell (didn't get far enough to draw any conclusions)

Some of them I've read half of, some I've read a few pages of. But, the books are due today and the overdue fines have been piling up, so back they go.
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