Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

Travelogue, the journey to SF.

I wrote this on the plane.

Woke up half an hour early, maybe from the excitement. Spent a little quality time with the cats, made myself some oatmeal. Put on the previously chosen Awesome Flying Outfit - grey pants, purple sailor shirt, bohemian dress, vintage cord jacket, and my favorite purple scarf. Hugged mrpet and lackofcontext goodbye, brushed my teeth, and headed for the airport. Took the Red and Silver lines with no delays or problems.

The airport was fairly quiet at this time of morning. I had to go through security twice, since I forgot to empty my water bottle. I walked back out and drank it down. I hadn't brought a lunch so I picked up a sandwich at the Cosi kiosk. Surprisingly, it was not more overpriced than usual.

I'm sitting next to a nice couple celebrating their 35th anniversary. Wow! Exciting. She's reading tabloids, he's reading a bike mag. Vroom-vroom, not pedal-push. (She turned out to be a "spirit medium", which was interesting.)

Travel supplies for today: the laptop and its cables, Ursa Bear, my mp3 player and headphones, aforementioned water bottle, gum, and sunglasses. I haven't needed the gum yet, or my snacks (Honey-safe cookies, granola bar, and an apple). I downloaded some movies in advance and am watching an episode of Castle to kick it off.

We'll be in the air about six hours. The line for security was surprisingly short - even with going through twice it only took ten minutes or so. gatopreto is going to meet me at the airport on the other end, and I'll see bluepapercup tomorrow. Today's plans, I think, will include a nap, a stop at the Samovar tea room, and possibly dancing at Club Cat if I'm feeling sufficiently rested.

Really excited to see the city and my friends there. Hope that my hosts will enjoy the gifts I picked out for them.

Glad I brought my laptop in my handbag. Watching movies does make the time go. Once the battery runs out I will go back to the airplane radio (Doze station for relaxing ambient beats) and the new Gilman novel. We are now flying over the Great Lakes though it's too bright out to see anything.
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