Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

travelogue, rest of day one.

The plane got in half an hour early, which the stewardess apologized for. I thought that was funny. gatopreto had been watching the status online, so when I texted to say that it was early he texted back that he was already there.

When I was writing yesterday I didn't mention that the woman sitting next to me was a self-proclaimed spirit medium. This is a placeholder, as it deserves a whole post of its own. For now, let your imaginations run wild. :)

The first thing I noticed was that it was warmer than I had expected. I was very toasty in my many layers. The second thing I noticed, which made me think, "I'm not in Boston anymore!" was an intercom announcement telling someone their flight was leaving and they had one minute to get to the gate. I thought, yeah, that wouldn't happen at Logan - if you miss your flight, too bad for you! is more the New England attitude. The third thing was a sign saying that you could buy your carbon offsets there, which was... awesome and slightly mind-boggling.

I found my host. We hugged and talked about immediate plans. I hadn't checked any luggage and it was nice not to have to wait for anything to come off the plane. I tend to strive for the one-bag packing philosophy but sometimes fall short. (I want to especially thank katkt who was a total rockstar in helping me pack on Wednesday night.) We decided that we would stop and get some tea and food before heading back to Casa Hyphen (also known as Wit's End). We ate at the Samovar, which had really yummy and interesting food and tea pairings. I wound up having a portabello mushroom salad, some thai iced tea, lavendar lemonade, and a schizandra berry tea. All were delicious. The schizandra berry tea was the most interesting - it reminded me of the herbal infusions at the Zen Palate, which make one feel very peppy in various ways.

Afterward we headed back to Casa Hyphen. I got to spend a little time with gatopreto's partner before she left, and met one of her partners too. Things were a bit chaotic so I was delighted to have had the downtime. Also so happy to have gotten more of a chance to connect with her.

Once she had left for her own trip, we had some smooching then went to try and walk a labyrinth. We couldn't find it but we had a gorgeous walk along the coast by the Land's End point. I started to feel more grounded, more in touch with San Francisco as itself. It was lovely, wild and beautiful. Then we were both very hungry, so we stopped at a fish restaurant called the Alamo Square Seafood Grill. We both felt the food was okay but not outstanding. In the course of our walk, gatopreto hurt his foot and I seemed to have strained a muscle in the back of my leg, so we decided not to go dancing at the Cat Club. We stopped at a market to pick up some breakfast items (fruit, yogurt, proto-toast*). We went to sleep shortly thereafter; I realized I had been up for sixteen action-packed hours.

So far the Bay is treating me very well and I'm having a great time. gatopreto is a terrific host and everything is warm and happy.

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