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goin' in style

This is not the story of a specific day. This is a post about what I packed and what I brought with me.

I got several compliments on my outfits and how well everything went together, as well as on specific pieces. Partly this is due to my using the sneaky packing trick of only bringing things that go with each other.

I brought three pairs of shoes, which I frequently do. Shiny red boots, shiny burgundy shoes, and purple hi-ops. Two outer layer things, the red cord jacket mrpet bought me in NYC and my pink suede jacket. A light scarf and a warm scarf (really happy I did that, scarves are so mad useful). A bandana and a handkerchief for various purposes. Toiletries, makeup (though I mostly didn't wear any). My laptop, cell phone, mp3 player and their various chargers. Gifts for my hosts. A water bottle, which I drink before going through security and then go through hassles getting filled again inside the airport. Books - usually one book per day plus one for an emergency makes me feel secure, though I read only a bit this trip. And my experienced jetsetting companion,

I don't typically bring much in the way of toys when I fly. I figure, if you fly there is no guarantee you will see your stuff again. Particularly toys that can be interpreted as weapons. So, I just brought a strap, a toy to put in it, and some gloves.

Probably my favorite packing tip is this: make two piles. In one pile goes everything you KNOW you're going to need. In the other pile goes everything you MIGHT need. In the middle goes your luggage. Once the piles are established, you put in everything you definitely need and see how much room is left. Then you decide what you want to add from the "maybe" pile. I think I got this tip from dilletante and it's a really fabulous one.

This trip I mostly brought tunic dresses and pants, in warm jewel tones. You can wear a dress by itself, or, it is cozy layered over pants and under a sweater. The color scheme was reds, purples, a bit of gray and black. That wound up being a great decision. I wish I had brought better shoes for hiking but the hi-tops were okay for that. I also brought my exercise pants which I can wear both out in the world and also to bed or to relax. I didn't bring a bathrobe, regretted it until gatopreto loaned me one of his.

Here are three packing principles I try to keep in mind.

- Bring more money and less clothes than you think you need.
- Consider whether you would rather cart around stuff that you don't need, or miss something you didn't bring. It's impossible to hit a perfect point in between those. Depending on where you're going and how you're getting there it can be one or the other.
- Humans don't really need that much. We only think we do. If you really really can't get something at your destination, borrow it from a friend, or whatever, it probably won't kill you to be without it.

That was fun for me, hope it was fun for you too.
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