Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

"God bless people."

So, the thing that went poorly on Saturday that I didn't tell y'all is that I lost my passport.

This was while I was out with bluepapercup. Fortunately, we knew within a short period of time that it had happened - a few hours. We went back to the last place we'd been; it wasn't there. We made a plan. We went back to Casa Hyphen, I was a bit panicked.

I asked bluepapercup and gatopreto to have a little summit meeting and make a plan about what to do. I was very close to being out of cope, and knew my brain wasn't going to come up with anything useful. They agreed that she would go back to the fine art museum and the other two of us would make some phone calls. We communicated with mrpet who was also very patient about everything. gatopreto did some online research and we became fairly certain I would be able to fly within the country just with my state ID.

That meant that not having my passport was likely to only be a problem some weeks from now, when mrpet and I go to my sister's wedding. I also reminded myself that it was a First World problem - I was safe, I wasn't sick, I had shelter and food, et cetera. I told myself that worrying would not bring it back and that I didn't know yet for sure that it was really really gone. I told myself things happen for a reason.I breathed. I got back into enjoying my vacation. I flew home safely, the airport folks didn't even turn an eye at my state ID.

And then... a few days after I got home, gatopreto saw a posting in CL Lost and Found, saying that someone had found a passport near where bluepapercup and I had been shopping. We wrote to her and she did have my passport. She gave it to gatopreto who overnighted it to me, and I now have it once again. Phew. I'm so glad I didn't get hugely worked up over it.

Lessons learned - you really can fly in the US with a non-driver state ID. The universe is somewhat benevolent to me (I already knew that but it's nice to be reminded). Friends are awesome. And, worrying is not always necessary.
Tags: travel
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