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The chronic overheating of my HP Pavilion finally fried the motherboard. I knew this day would come - so I bought the extended warranty, with shipping included. After forty-five minutes on the phone, the tech said, "This is a hardware problem, we think it's the motherboard, you'll need to send it in." Yes, and I knew that before I even started this call.

Even if they do a great job, even if they send me a new box, which I doubt, I'm still never buying another HP. It has many problems and the customer service is outsourced crap on a stick. Of course, I plan to buy my electronics used from CL in the future since that's been working great for me anyway. Mostly Dells, they seem to be a little sturdier.

Speaking of which, I am heading over to Davis Square to pick up a flatscreen monitor. My hope is that it will enable me to use my old computer (the faithful Dell Latitude Pythia, whose special needs are structural) as a backup while Shiny is getting serviced. My old monitor wouldn't fit in my new space so I took it to Goodwill; hopefully it has a happy home now.

ETA: My new 19" monitor fits perfectly on the shelf where I wanted it to fit and the external speakers are plugged in. The faithful Pythia is humming away reliably, has found the wireless network, and automatically connected to the monitor. (Have I mentioned recently how easy it is to configure things in Ubuntu? Telling it I wanted it only to use the external monitor was a breeze.) I also made sure that my important data was backed up on my external drive, and it is. This day goes to LadyA!
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