Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

Batwoman: Elegy by Greg Rucka, JH Williams III

Title: Batwoman: Elegy
Author: Greg Rucka, JH Williams III, and others at DC Comics
Series: Batwoman graphic novels
Genre: Comics, superheros
Setting: Gotham City
Reason for Reading: It was on the list of the best graphic novels of 2010, and I was also interested that the main character is a veteran kicked out of the service for being gay. It's awesome that this concept will likely become dated in a few years.
Finished In: Hours.
Pages: 192, including covers and bonus material.
Copyright Date: July 2010
Cover: Batwoman with a crazed-looking doll behind her. They are caught within the bat shape.
First panel: No text, just Batwoman swooping down on a cable with her teeth bared.
Best part: I liked the art and the parts that were about the main character's orientation.
Worst part: Some of the rest of it was confusing and hard to follow, at least to me. Maybe that wouldn't be true if I had read more Batwoman graphic novels.
Imaginary Theme Song: "We Are the Champions" by Queen
Grade: C+
Recommended for: People interested in gay superheros. What, you're not?
Related Reads: Hero by Tyler Perry (though that is not in graphic format). Fun Home by Alison Bechdel (though it is not about a superhero).

Woo hoo, finally I'm done reviewing the last of the 2010 books! Hopefully I'll even get to catch up soon.
Tags: books 2010, fiction
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