Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

Intrigues by Mercedes Lackey

Title: Intrigues
Author: Mercedes Lackey
Series: Book Two of The Collegium Chronicles (book one was Foundation)
Genre: Fantasy fluff
Setting: Valdemar, at the founding of the Collegium in the time of King Kiril.
Reason for Reading: Lackey's books never quite get bad enough to make me swear off her.
Finished In: Days. I admit it, all right? Days.
Pages: 328
Copyright Date: 2010
Cover: One of the standard ones by Jody A. Lee – it's in greens and golds and shows a boy on a galloping horse with leaves blowing past them.
First line: “Mags slapped the palm of his hand against the blue-painted wood of the stable door, and it banged open, whacking into the frame as Mags hurried through it.”
Best part: Lackey books when they don't explicitly suck are like warm comforting crack to me.
Worst part: Something went really wrong with the ending of this one, specifically the “tearful reunion of friends” part.
Imaginary Theme Song: “This is the song that never ends... it just goes on and on my friend...”
Grade: C+
Recommended for: Inveterate Lackey fans. Anyone who isn't familiar with Valdemar would really be better served starting with Arrows of the Queen or at least the first book in the trilogy (I assume it's a trilogy) Foundation.
Related Reads: Foundation, Arrows of the Queen, and Burning Brightly by the same author.
Tags: books 2011, fiction
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