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The Armies of Daylight by Barbara Hambly

Title: The Armies of Daylight
Author: Barbara Hambly
Series: The Darwath Trilogy, book three
Genre: Alternate universe fantasy, sword and sorcery.
Setting: The shattered kingdom of Darwath.
Reason for Reading: The first two books left me hungry for more.
Finished In: Days.
Pages: 309
Copyright Date: 1983. In other words, I was six when it came out, and that's kind of cool.
Cover: An angry-looking wizard with a sword stands in a doorway. Maybe he's angry because he just walked out of a fire? Two figures are on the ground before him, one in Leia braids.
First line: "When the wizard Ingold crossed the Void between worlds to save the infant Prince Tir from the destruction of Gae, Gil Patterson and Rudy Solis tried to help him." (Well, what can you expect from a summarizing prologue?)
Best part: There is this sweeping quality to the ending which I really enjoyed. It pulled me along. I also really like that the female American character becomes a swordswoman and the male character is a mage.
Worst part: Again, the plot twist at the end didn't do much for me.
Imaginary Theme Song: "Hell Can't Stop Us Now", which I found at random.
Grade: B+
Recommended for: Fans of Tolkienesque fantasy should read the series.
Related Reads: The Time of the Dark by the same author. LOTR.
Tags: books 2010, fiction
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