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How Firm a Foundation by David Weber

Title: How Firm a Foundation
Author: David Weber
Series: Safehold #5. And here I feel I must point out that the enemy they have to overcome - the Church - before they build up their tech base to fight the real enemy - the Gbaba - is still not vanquished. How long does Weber intend to make this series? FFS.
Genre: Science fiction.
Setting: The planet Safehold.
Reason for Reading: I don't know. I mean, they're still engaging. But I don't totally know why I keep going. They're so LONG and the plot moves at a glacial pace!
Finished In: Weeks. I had to return it to the library and get it out again because...
Pages: 608
Copyright Date: 2011
Cover: Spaceship, clipper ship, guy with a sword. You know - the usual.
First line: "Nights didn't come much darker, Merlin Athrawes reflected as he stood gazing up at the cloud-choked, stormy sky."
Themes: Epic battles, inquisitions, betrayal, spies, counterspies.
Best part: Strangely I liked the stuff with the side characters the most this time. The sailors getting tortured by the inquisition, the orphaned heirs of Hektor.
Worst part: The glib banter between the principals (Charleyan and Cayleb mostly) struck me as a little artificial this time.
Grade: C
Recommended for: Those who are going to read it are already going to read it. The rest of you quite likely (and reasonably) don't care.
Related Reads: Off Armageddon Reef, the first book.
Tags: books 2011, fiction
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