Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

living space needed in Boston area

I am looking for a new place to live starting anytime in January. This could be a one-bedroom apartment or a room in someone else's apartment.

I am low-drama, reliable, a great communicator, and have a job. I'm poly, usually fairly quiet, and have a cat. I am drug free unless you count my reliance on herbal tea and occasional enjoyment of a glass of wine. (And no, "herbal tea" is not a code for anything.)

I am looking for a place with the following qualities:

- T-accessible. I work on the Red Line which is also where my sweeties live, so the closer to that, the better. (I am not currently considering anything that would require taking the Commuter Rail to get to Park Street. I am happy to consider areas that are near bus lines that go to the Red Line, like in Arlington and Medford.)
- Pet friendly. As mentioned I have a cat. He gets along well with other people and cats.
- Meat allowed in the kitchen. I don't mind if you are a vegetarian but I am not.
- Has a bathtub.
- Alternative-lifestyle-friendly. In particular you should be cool with my having multiple partners of several genders.

Bonus points if you read books, if you enjoy communal meals, or have some storage space. I have roommate references available.

I can pay around $600-$650 a month for a room in someone else's apartment, $700 if utilities are included. I am willing to pay more for my own place. If you have a place or know a friend with a place, or even if you just have more questions about what I'm looking for, please drop me a line.
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