Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

you know what bugs me?

Nobody ever talks about how vampires are short. In fact, they usually talk about how vampires are tall. It goes along with the dark, handsome, brooding thing. The only short vampires I can think of are the creepy child vampires that occasionally crop up (like Anne Rice's Claudia).

But these fictional vampires are supposed to have been humans in the past. And because of good nutrition and stuff, humans are way taller than they used to be. You can tell by old houses, and the Mayflower, and shit.

A six foot vampire would have REALLY stood out in the 1700s. I mean, dramatically. A tall guy for then would seem short to us. Old vampires would be short, unless you're going by the school of "vampires were never human in the first place" and even then, how would they have blended in with human society to feed? I don't know why no one else has noticed this basic fact and written vampires to match. Unless somebody has and I just don't realize it?

Yeah, that's the kind of thing I think about.
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