Hemning Sternberg (moonshadow) wrote,
Hemning Sternberg

and here I am again...

To tell you a long saga about my bed, which has a happy ending.

(No, not THAT kind of saga about my bed. But I'm glad that's where your mind went.)

I think you all know that I moved, about two months ago, and that my beloved queen sized four poster could not come with me. It was too big to fit up the stairs - not even the mattress would go.

So eventually I freecycled a new-to-me full mattress and box spring, and with a ton of help got the mattress up the stairs. (Box spring? Fidn't dit!) And that was happy, because I had something to sleep on, but also sad, because it sagged in the middle and was not very comfy.

Eventually part two, Mr Jr Boyfriend Pants freecycles me some bed slats. We get them up into my room, we put them under the mattress, we flip the mattress. All of this is an incremental improvement.

Then today - oh, today. MJBP sees something on the side of the road that looks like a bed frame - we go check it out. It turns out to be an old couch frame with bolts sticking to it. We decide to bring it with us - at the very least, we can use it for parts for the new bed frame project, which is ongoing.

We take it back to the homestead and lay it out. And there we discover a beautiful truth - the person before us has cleverly modded the couch frame so that it makes a perfect full size bed support! They drilled new holes in it, which the bolts go into, so it all lines up.

Second beautiful truth - in its two pieces, it fits up the tiny flight of stairs!

Third beautiful truth - it assembles and fits the mattress!

And finally, it's comfy.

My past few weeks have been a little craptastic. This feels like the beginning of a whole awesome new chapter. The Ladyanemone Sleeps On Almost An Actual Bed chapter. :)
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