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Light the Sky and Hold On Tight

what would Adele Mundy do?

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Hemning Sternberg
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Right now I'm mostly using this space for reading-related purposes. I am active on other social media including goodreads - feel free to ask me for a pointer if you'd like to follow me there.

I'm a 39 year old witch working in academia. I'm polyamorous and childfree. I'm addicted to herbal tea, kombucha, sunshine, and books. I like small plates (little tastings of food) and small plates (little dishes to put the tastings on). I live in Massachusetts.

I believe in emergency preparedness, the value of courtesy, comfortable shoes, taking responsibility for your own needs, listening to your body, the power of books, expressing rather than repressing emotions and desires, only giving advice on request, and eating more salad than pizza.

I think Friending should be like telling someone you love them, in that you should do it because you want to and it feels right to you, not for what you expect to get back. I do not have unlimited free time, so I am not going to set up reciprocal Friending with every single person that Friends me, so if that's uncomfortable for you, you might want to Friend someone else. (As my grandfather used to tell people about seventy years ago, "I had that phone put in for MY convenience.") Not Friending you does not mean I don't like you or you're not my friend - I think the naming convention is what makes it socially complicated. I only Friend folks who I know personally and whose journals I find interesting. To be honest, if I were someone else, I probably wouldn't Friend myself! If there's something you particularly want me to know, my email address is publicly listed.

If you're commenting in my journal for the first time, I would appreciate a note saying if I know you in person and how you got there. "Surfed on in" is a completely acceptable answer.

If you read something in a locked post on my journal, please don't share it with anyone else.

"Don't go by night, they said. But she did.
Don't stray from the road, they said. But she did.
Don't follow the fire, don't listen to its music. But she did.
They meant well, she knew, but they didn't understand."
-Charles de Lint

Dislikes: hypocrisy, powdered parmesan, wet socks, self-checkout, pushy people, Windows Vista, thongs, being cold.

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